2nd IEEE International Workshop on Computational Cameras and Displays (formerly PROCAMS)

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Call for Papers

CCD / PROCAMS 2013 invites technical paper submissions on the topics listed below. A best paper award will be given to the top technical paper selected by the program committee. This year's workshop places emphasis on (but is not limited to) all technical, systems, and theoretical aspects related to computational cameras, displays, and projector-camera or other hybrid systems used in the following areas:

Computational Cameras
Innovative co-designs of camera optics and digital processing for all applications.
Computational Displays
Novel approaches to co-designing display optics and processing, e.g. high resolution, HDR, 3D, extended DOF.
Augmentation and Interaction
Augmented reality, user interface, and novel applications.
Duality of Cameras and Displays
Apply concepts and innovations developed for cameras to displays and vice versa.
Theoretical Analysis of Cameras and Displays
Establishing fundamental limits of different aspects of computational cameras and displays. New approaches to data processing, for instance using machine learning or compressive sensing.
Mobile cameras and displays. Interaction with mobile devices.
Exotic Camera and Display Technologies
Design of unconventional optics, sensors, light-emitters, or computational processing for imaging systems. Examples include systems inspired by biological visual systems, omni-vision displays, and single pixel cameras.
Perceptual Aspects of Computational Displays
Computational models for human perception, perceptually-driven computational displays, and all aspects of the human visual system relevant to computational displays.
Projector-Camera System
Imaging systems that employ both cameras and projectors with applications in range scanning, material acquisition, light transport analysis, etc.

Technical Papers

Submissions can be up to 8 pages in length (papers above 6 pages have to pay the fee charged by CVPR for extra pages) prepared in the CCD format. The submission and review process is double blind.

Include supplemental pictures and/or video if appropriate and possible. Videos should be in a common format, e.g., MPEG-1, MPEG-4, XviD, or DivX.


Paper Submission deadline:March 18, 2013 (23:59 PST)
Paper Reviews due:April 19, 2013
Paper Acceptance notification:    April 22, 2013
Final Manuscripts:May 1, 2013 (23:59 PST)
Workshop Date:June 28, 2013

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